April 25, 2010

Madeira Hike to 25 Waterfalls

This Preparation Day the missionaries on Madeira planned a fairly easy hike to 25 Waterfalls.  It was beautiful, but it poured for most of the hike.  You just can't get a bad photo on Madeira!

Augusto's Baptism

Elder Petitt was able to come back to Gaia 2 to baptize Augusto.  Baptisms are one of the true joys of missionary work!

The Unusual Life of a Missionary

Little did Elders Middleton, McLaughlan, and Sprunt realize that part of their duties included keeping babies happy while their parents visited at the mission home!

Madeira Zone Conference

Part of zone conference includes recognizing the birthday missionaries since the last meeting.  We had quite a few to sing to on Madeira!

Porto Zone Conference

The Assistants did a practice at zone conference on how to get investigators focused on the lesson, and Elders Blanch and Coxi were on the spot for the whole group.

Coimbra Zone Conference

Practicing how to teach together, Elders Martin, Castellanos, Goodrich and Sorensen helped each other learn.

North Zone Conference

This round of zone conferences we had a lot of fun role playing with President Xavier about how to get control of an out-of-control lesson.

April 5, 2010

Farewell to Elder Lovell and Sister Ray

It's always sad to say goodbye to our missionaries, but we wish them well with their lives.  We know that the mission experience will help them beyond measure!!

March Transfers

With six new missionaries, we had to find six good trainers.  There is always a ripple effect as things move around to accomodate those coming in or those leaving our mission.

March Arrivals

In March we received six wonderful and well prepared missionaries from the MTC.  This may be the last time we receive such a huge group.

Excitement in Vila Real

For the first time our little branch of Vila Real no longer has a missionary serving as the branch president.  Elder Cordeiro was happy to hand over the care of the members to President Castro.

Missionary Moments

Something interesting is always happening in our mission as you can see.  Missionaries are so much fun!

Madeira Zone Conference

There was a lot going on for the Madeira Zone.  Not only did they have zone conference, but the district recently received a new district presidency and new branch presidents to work with.  On top of that, they received the first car ever on the island for missionary use.  There is still clean-up going on from the fierce storms that blew through a month ago and then there is always the joy of a fun Preparation Day to look forward to when the whole zone shows President and Sister Walton the blessings of serving on such a beautiful tropical island.

Recent Baptisms

The number of baptisms continues to increase in our mission, and it is difficult to get around to all of them, but here are photographs from baptisms in Porto I and Povoa.

District Meetings

Oh the joys of visiting with each district during their weekly meetings and sharing in the spirit of their group and a peanut butter sandwich with them!

March Farol Visit

After a few weeks here in Portugal, we visited the Lighthouse with our newest Elders, Elder Aamodt and Elder Crowther, and their trainers, Elder Magoon and Elder Lawson.  President Walton had a chance to talk with them about the prophecies concerning the work here in Portugal and we were able to see how things are going for them thusfar in their mission.

The reason for the Blog update delay

As most of you might know our son-in-law, Clint Layton, passed away on March 6.  He had been struggling with leukemia for a year, and after many miracles that inclulded a successful bone marrow transplant, they found more cancer in his stomach and there was nothing they could do for him.  After a quick memorable trip to Disneyland with his family, Clint passed away 4 days after they returned home.  I flew to Utah to be with our daughter and our family at this sad time.  President Walton stayed behind in Portugal.  At this time we are so grateful for the gospel and for our extended family here in the Porto Mission.