September 26, 2010

The Joy of Being a Missionary!

Missionary life is hard, awesome, tiring, and fun all at the same time.  We are so grateful for the wonderful missionaries here in the Porto Mission!!

A New Training Focused on Becoming Better Teachers!

We've been needing to focus more on our teaching, and we just received an outline for the next year to teach, practice, evaluate, and repractice our teaching skills.  It is awesome and the missionaries are already seeing better lessons and more success because of their recently practiced skills!

A New JSA Centro in Braga!

With the prophecy of Elder Perry that the growth of the church in Europe will come from the young single adults, Braga recently opened a center at their chapel.  We now have 3 groups - one in Braga, one in Porto, and another to be up and running in Coimbra.  In November we will receive the McConkies, who will devote most of their time to helping our JSA centros, and we will see even more success with our JSA's.

More Baptisms!

We are starting to see miracles and more baptisms in our mission as we focus with eyes of faith to find the people the Lord has prepared for us to teach and baptize.  Elenice was found while Elders were knocking doors!

Final September Departures

Elder Zayas and Irma Draper both had their mothers come to visit and take them back home.  They had a good time showing their mothers where they had served and how beautiful Portugal is.

September 17, 2010

Four Departures in September

Three seasoned Elders made their way home in September.  Our only Irma to leave was on Madeira with her mother when the others came for the farewell dinner at the mission home, so we'll feature her next posting.  So long to Elders Rocha, Cordeiro and Zayas!!  You will be missed!

Three New Missionaries From the MTC in Provo!

We were fortunate to receive three of the best prepared missionaries we could get from the MTC.  They've come to the best mission, with the best missionaries, so we are expecting the best they've got to give!  Welcome Elders Roundy, LeFevre, and Pilz.

Transfer Week Is Always Memorable!

Transfer week always brings unexpected excitement with new companions and new places to live.  Every area in this mission has great potential and wonderful members.

The Ulitimate Joy - Baptisms!!

The newest members of the Church in our mission have been well prepared and are the elect of the Lord in this area.  We are finding so many wonderful people in Portugal!

Missionary Life in the Porto Mission

Missionaries are at their best in the mission field.  They have a lot of fun, but they also work extremely hard.  Sometimes there are laughs, or injuries, or unexpected joys and miracles in the Lord's work!