May 29, 2011

Five Departing Elders

These five were the first missionaries we welcomed into the Portugal Porto Mission when we first arrived, and now they are headed home!  Where did the time go?  They return with honor and changed for the better from their experiences here in the mission field.

The Last Missionary To Arrive From The Provo MTC

Little did Elder Ruesch realize, but he would be the last missionary to arrive in the Portugal Porto Mission from the Provo MTC!  We are so glad that he is here, even though he had to do the whole flight all by himself!

The Last Official Transfer of the Portugal Porto Mission

We just finished the last official transfer of the Portugal Porto Mission.  After an extra long transfer - 9 weeks - the next change will take place as the Portugal Lisboa Mission with President Torgan leading our wonderful band of missionaries here in the north, as well as the south of Portugal.

More and more and more and more training!

We do a lot of training, but that is what is making the work move forward - along with our faithful and obedient missionaries!

The Baptisms Keep Coming!

After an all-mission fast and renewed focus, the marked baptisms are way up and the missionaries are seeing more miracles in their work!

May 15, 2011

Final Round of the Porto Mission Zone Conferences

May has been a very busy month with zone conferences, leadership training and specialized training.  These included inspired trainings from President, the Assistants, the Zone Leaders, and President Xavier and his daughter, Felicia.  It also included learning how to keep our feet in peak condition for the work.  We are grateful for the trainings that make our missionaries more focused teachers of the gospel! 

Lots to do on a mission!

Missionaries are ALWAYS busy as are our mission couples.  Without everyone doing their part, this mission would not run as well as it does.  Thanks to all for doing their part!!  Knocking doors, moving companions, or meeting with our Area Presidency keeps us going strong.