June 20, 2010

June Departures

It's never easy to say goodbye to our missionaries and with Elders Lawson and Zacheu it was no exception.

June Arrivals

In June we received two new Irmas and no Elders.  That's a first for us!

The Happy Lives of our Missionaries

Missionaries love doing the Lord's work but they also find time to do other things as well!

Recent Baptisms

Missionary work is going well in the Porto Mission!

Porto, Norte, Coimbra, and Madeira Zone Conferences

Zone conferences are always inspirational, fun, and exciting.  Every 6 weeks we come together and focus on how to be better missionaries and together we learn about this wonderful gospel we are here to share with the people of Portugal.

Farol Visit

Once again our new missionaries were able to visit the Farol and look out onto the Atlantic Ocean and feel the awesome responsibility we have to be lighthouses for the people here in our mission.